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ISG Spring 2020 Meeting (#70) - Pune, India (proposed)

Greetings Implementation Community,

As I announced at the Beijing bSI Standards Summit, Bentley Systems has proposed to host the next ISG meeting (11-13 March 2020) at their development center in Pune, India!

I ask our ISG members to please take a moment to contemplate this and let me know if this will work. Léon and I see it as a great opportunity to have our first ISG meeting outside Europe or the US and reach an audience to include Asia-based (APEC) companies beyond India. We will most likely use this to test some new ideas about the format and results of these meetings, making them more proactive and responsive to the needs of the larger buildingSMART community. It’s a direction I’ve been wanting to take the group since taking over as chair in 2016 and now have a great partner in Léon van Berlo, bSI Technical Director, to work with in doing so.

We’d like to get everyone’s response as soon as possible so we can begin planning. Confirming the place and dates will help Bentley organizers and travels obtain flights and visas as required.

If you are unfamiliar with Pune, please take a few moments to follow these links:

I’m excited by the opportunity and hope the community is as well!!!

Best regards,
Jeffrey W. Ouellette
ISG Leader / Technical Coordinator / Technical Room International Project Coordinator



Approximate travel times to Pune via airlines (Note: many airlines will route you through Dehli or Mumbai before reaching Pune):

Origin - Hours
Beijing - 13.5
Shanghai - 11.5
Chongqing - 14.5
Hong Kong - 11.5
Tokyo - 17
Singapore - 9.5
Sydney - 16.5
London - 14.5
Oslo - 15.5
Helsinki - 16.5
Budapest - 14.5
Paris - 14.5
St. Petersburg - 16.5
Moscow - 13.5
Boston, MA - 21.5
Austin, TX - 23

This is a great initiative and a kind of first bSI meeting in India. I’m looking forward welcoming you all in India. :slight_smile:



3 days are intended?

Just to give some more context regarding the location of the meeting.

We are proposing to host the meeting in Pune office of Bentley Systems. The office is located in a cyber city called Magarpatta City (

I am attaching some pictures of the Cyber city and the digital academy (part of the Bentley office) where the meetings will be hosted


Here are some recommended hotels :

All of these hotels have complementary pick up and drop to Magarpatta offices and airport pickup drop.

If you have any questions regarding travel arrangements then please feel free to contact me on my Bentley id at : rahul.patil (at)