bSI-ISG/IFC Development Spring 2020 Meeting (#70) - Vilnius, LT

12-13 March 2020
Vilnius, Lithuania

Hosted by Bentley Systems.

Please register your attendance, by 21 February, via Doodle:

*** Please note that vendors should plan on sending no more than two (2) representatives, to help with keeping attendance manageable for hosts. This is ISG policy.

Meeting Location:
Bentley Systems Europe B.V. Lithuanian Branch
Švitrigailos str. 11H
Vilnius 03228, Lithuania

main tel: +370 5 239 8150

Booking Link:
Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn Vilnius, Lithuania
Company Name: Bentley

Host Dinner :

Agenda :
bSI-ISG70-Vilnius_Agenda.pdf (49.9 KB)

The efforts being made to improve ‘IFC5’ implementation will be the focus of the Vilnius meeting other meetings and calls through this year.


I plan to attend, although I see the Doodle is pretty empty at the moment.

I plan to attend as well - have we fixed it?

Yes. See the info above.

Please note that I’ve added agenda information to the original post. This will be a very proactive discussion regarding improving implementation of the next version of IFC. Input/feedback from the current ISG members is crucial.

Thank you @jwouellette for sharing the agenda.
Do you have a more detailed view. For instance, how days will be organized ? Can ISG members come to all the topics or some are dedicated only to bSI members ?

Thank you.

@kevin.nahaboo at this point, the proposed agenda is set up to start at the top and work our way through. From past experience, We get through the updates pretty quickly… maybe 1/2 day?. We really need to dive into the meat of IFC5, this time around. Too many people leave early on Friday to catch flights home before the weekend. Attendance starts to suffer Friday after lunch.

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Is there anything in the agenda that would have to do with IFC structural analysis view?

I really appreciate new location for the meeting. Unfortunately this time we can’t attend.

@RustlerW I think theses components could be part of the discussion, if you feel there are needs for improvement. Please write down your ideas and let’s discuss!

@r.polasek ok, Roman. But please forward ideas from SCIA on ways we could make improvements to the schema. Try to be more specific than we were in Prague. We want to get into real solutions for making IFC5 easier to implement for every domain and possible software.

Could you add a slot for discussion on NURBS Support and IFC Sample Library?

@jwouellette When do you plan to start the meeting 12th?


The Doodle poll indicates our meeting times. We always start at 09.00.

Total ban on international travel at Trimble, so won’t be coming.
Will it be possible to join virtually?

Please note that @berlotti has created a GitHub repository to collect ideas for IFC improvements:

Please read his summary:

…before posting issues. This will help us organize the discussions for the meeting.

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In the evolution of IFC, it is time to work towards a technology independent data schema. This is also the time to improve consistency and remove redundancy. Therefore we started collecting issues on the GitHub issue list.

We need your help collecting and discussing them. Please read this full text first and follow the links to contribute:

(issues that are not according to the guidelines can be placed in another repository and will be removed from this list)