Wind Energy - Wind Turbines with IFC4.3

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after a long search and going through the Schema I couldn’t find anything related to Wind Energy.

Since there is no User Defined type for IfcEnergyConversionDeviceType, I herewith propose to extend it with “RotorType” or directly name it “WindDeviceType” the same way like with SolarDeviceType.

Its a vital part of Energy Industry and important for renewable energy movement in general. There are

It would be great if IFC4.3 Team check and suggest best option.
FYI @berlotti @TLiebich @Moult
Could you please also review all other comments and submitted ideas under this chapter (collected by bSI Building Room).

Thanks in advance.

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These kind of changes need broad consensus from industry/domain representatives. If you want it in IFC, I suggest to start a project in the Solutions and Standards program.

If you want a shortcut route to exchange these objects, creating a ‘wind energy’ domain in the bSDD would be a good first step. This would make it available immediately and in all versions of IFC.

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It at least mentions “turbine” in the definition of STANDALONE, it’s a leaf node and has predefined typing, to me it seems to be applicable.

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Thank you Thomas @aothms for your hint.
Previously as I was going all of them I was not quite convinced that it would be also applicable for this case, since its mainly used for steam or water driven turbines like for Hydroelectric (Water) or District Power Plants (Coil or Gas), Atomic Power Plants (Nuclear Fuel).
The same question would apply for CHP (Combined Heat and Power), which would also go under this type.
Well, wind turbines are quite widespread and used often to get its own entity or at least be predefined type, in fact its being used not less than Solar Devices, which have their own.
@berlotti, thanks for your advice. Yet when there are 99% listed types and one 1 vital type is missing, which would positively affect many energy companies, trying to bring their products into openBIM community, that would be a good opportunity to address it with the slight but very important addition.
P.S. I’m also writing this comments not on behalf of myself but on behalf of the working group, where many industry representatives are working. The same way like all other comments coming in this sections of bSI Building Room (Building Domain Review).

The reason for the current situation is likely something like:

  • pv panels are often put onto regular buildings, to their use is much more overlapping with predominant usage of IFC
  • pv panels or collectors are mostly singular elements, whereas a wind turbine I’d be expected to be decomposed into a wide variety of elements (part of which with more generic names). Establishing this in bsDD seems like a natural step.

I’m personally not against of adding a predefined type and/or pset if consensus can be found in the 4.3.development repo


Has there been work done between IFC and any Oil & Gas classifications?

I am looking at trying to utilise the CFIHOS classification, an open format, and map it to IFC for offshore wind power sector. There currently is no specific schema for offshore wind / offshore energy production,

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