About the IFC4.3 Building Room - Building Domain Review category

This category is reserved for Review and Discussions on the implementation of the IFC4.3 Infra Extension in respect for Building Domain.
All related Domain Experts (Architecture, HVAC, Structural Engineering etc.) are kindly requested to review above mentioned IFC4.3 Schema (see IFC4 Documentation) and provide Building Room Steering Committee (BRSC) feedback as well as proposals for improvement (additions, corrections etc.).
We, BRSC Members, encourage you to review the schema prior to Submission to ISO. Thank you for your invaluable support!

Call for Participation on IFC4.3 Building Domain Review - Example review

Dear all,

recently a Building Room Steering Committee has held a Panel Session on IFC4.3 Building Domain Review during the bSI Virtual Autumn Summit 2021. Attached you may find a PDF copy of a presentation and a short Tipps on how to check and navigate within the IFC-Schema (based on human readable HTML) as well as recording of the session.
bSI BR4-IFC4.3 for Building Domain-Mirbek_Bekboliev.pdf (2.1 MB)
Recording → Updates to be made in Building Domain of the IFC 43 infra Extension - Mirbek Bekboliev on Vimeo

Also see BR4 Session

We kindly request all related Domain Experts (Arch / MEP / Struc etc.) to participate on review Building related Part of the IFC4.3 Schema (aka Infra Extension).

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The bS Norway Chapter have discussed the IFC4.3 Infra Extension outputs with the Technical Room in Norway and have provided the following comments and recommendations. Thanks in particular to Kjell Ivar and Alessia for making this feedback available. Please review it yourself at the following link: Box



Is there a common or crosswise vocabulary strategy when suggesting new Predefined type enumerations (i.e. ISO/DIS 6707-1)? I see the risk of increasing inconsistencies when including new options due to the previous lack of Schema definitions.

Thanks for the updates.


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Hi David,

very good point! Thank you for that.

Indeed we should take that into account. In this case all new elements should go through review anyways. IFC schema and domain experts are requested to do so.


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Here is further comment by @ElisEck PropertySets of IfcSpace

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Dear All,

attached are the further comments from Elena Chochanova (TNO). Our gratitude from BRSC to Elena for her support! Here is a Link to Download → Box

Thanks @rroef for forwarding it!

All the best

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