Hello, I’m not certain this is the right place for this - here goes.

Under the Marine domain, there is IfcMooringDeviceType -

I need to make a bSDD URI mapping for a marine anchor, would this be the right place to map to as undefined type?



@samg ,
The anchor is attached to the ship, correct? By most of the applied logic in the IFC schema, objects are the components of the facility, not the “vehicles” being served by the facility.

I’m not saying it should be excluded, but it may have already been considered and intentionally not included.

IfcMooringDeviceTypeEnum - The listed items here would appear to be land based, and as such then components of the facility, is that correct?

The anchor, is effectively the handbrake of the vessel, it’s attached to and is part of a vessel, and it’s mooring system.

The definition of IFCMooringDevice suggests that it’s not restricted to facility or land based - if that is the right way to see that?

“A mooring device is an active or passive built element who’s primary function is to participate in the mooring of a vessel,”

I think the key phrase here is ‘built element’.
Whilst IFC4.3 allowed for the representation of vehicles, this is primarily to context and scale to infrastructure - especially for vessels in harbours

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