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Various issues in Type Enums (IfcDistributionFlowElement and below)

Hi there,

When going over the Type Enums for MEP components, I found the following issue:

The description for TUBEAXIAL (in IfcFanTypeEnum) underwent changes from IFC4 to IFC4ADD1, now being exactly equal to VANEAXIAL. This has been unchanged in IFC4.2.

Its description currently reads: “Air flows through the impeller axially with guide vanes and reduced running blade tip clearance.”. I believe this to be a simple copy mistake coming from VANEAXIAL.
Could this be corrected in the coming IFC update?

PS: I’ll be going over many more Type Enums the coming weeks. Is the way I am currently reporting these issues correct, or can I report them elsewhere?

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Another option would be Github. But I think if you stick to one thread and just leave short replies to your original post, it should work out fine.

In Github you would have to comb over the IfcKit/Schemas folder and leave Pull requests on the XTypeEnum.cs files in the [Description] part. it is a bit more complicated if you have not used Github before.

@sergej: Thank you for your advice. I’ll stick to the forum then, since I have posted similar issues here before. Will change the name of the post and continue to update as I find things.

Issues in descriptions: