Extension of IFC data schema in the Hydropower Industry

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I believe that the ongoing extension of IFC data schema into the infrastructure sector is a very valuable endeavor.

In the hydropower and water conservancy industry, there are still some highly specialized infrastructures, such as dams, underground caverns, and aqueducts, that we hope will be included in this expansion to facilitate the implementation of BIM.

Over the past decade, some digital hydropower engineers have made various attempts in this area.

I wonder if BuildingSmart international is willing to promote efforts in this regard. I think this would be a very valuable initiative.

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Hello @shihangzhang

It is probably a more extensive umbrella than your subdomain, but consider checking the current open calls to participation, such as the one for the Water Sector :point_right:t2: openBIM for the Water Sector - buildingSMART International

You will also find a Whitepaper referenced there.

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There have been a couple of initiatives in this domain.
We suggest to start with adding a dictionary in the bSDD that is connected to IFC.
That increases the changes to become part of IFC the most.

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@bSI_Tech_Admin Considering there might be a generation of domain-specific data, I think this raises a need for clarification regarding the process and dynamics between the agreements made in the Projects or Working Groups (WG) of each Domain and the information that has been uploaded to bSDD previously, potentially without oversight.

Could you clarify, please?