What is next for 4x3?

There have been several issues posted in bSI InfraRoom IFCSpecification repository on GitHub over the past couple weeks.

My understanding is that RC4 was being submitted for formal review and acceptance.

So what’s next? RC5?

Wait just a few more days …


The work from the rail and infra projects has been handed over to buildingSMART International. This has triggered a few parallel tracks:

  • voting by the standards committee on the RC4 (rail + infra work). This is now in progress and will take 12 weeks in total.
  • the buildingSMART Technical services team has a long backlog of issues that need to be processed. This is currently being done on GitHub - buildingSMART/IFC4.3.x-development (the official IFC 4.3.x maintenance and development location). Things on the list are for example changing ifcGrid to the same concept as the new alignment solution, fixing complex properties, normalizing property names, etc.
  • the building domain has a long list of issues as well that are being updated. This is also done on GitHub - buildingSMART/IFC4.3.x-development More info about this by @Moult Procedure can be found here: IFC 4.3.x Change Process · buildingSMART/IFC4.3.x-development Wiki · GitHub
  • The infra/building projects are finalizing work that was still on the table. This is mainly on (testing of) Concept Templates and Rail Psets. This is expected to be added to the official IFC4.3.x-development repo in October, November and December (in tranches).
  • Automated quality control issues will be reviewed and fixed (mainly missing documentation); we are calling everyone to add or fix documentation, or add examples to the github repo as well.

Every update of the IFC development will trigger automated quality control, updates of the Translations system, a push into the (new) bSDD, etc.

By the end of October the then current status will be sent to ISO as an updated proposal. ISO needs a couple of months to accept/process the proposal. Soon after that (that will be in 2022) we can submit the final IFC 4.3 to ISO. The ISO ballot and publication process will take a while so we expect it will take until 2023 before ISO has published it on their website.

Hope this clarifies things. Feel free to ping me with further questions.

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