Link to the latest IFC4.3 release for bridges and roads developpements

Hello everybody,

I am sorry this is a basic question.

We are developing bridges and roads softwares tools . We have found several links to ifc 4.3 : RC 1/2/4 voting . They have many differencies about bridges (like IfcBridgePart deprecated). Which is the release used in this forum?

@JeanGUAL you can always find links to the latest and official schemas here:
IFC Schema Specifications - buildingSMART Technical

The current Candidate Standard version of IFC4.3 documentation is here:
IFC4.3.1.0 Documentation (

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@JeanGUAL , also let me know when you have IFC support in your software available to the public. We can then add it to the Standards Implementation Database

Thanks for the answer. Sorry for the delay, I was on vacation last week.
Of course, I come back to you when we have Ifc support information.