Where can I read about the process for community feedback to be incorporated in the spec?

There have been a number of questions and proposals originating on this forum. Some have easy resolutions, some need further discussion with subject matter experts. However, I am unclear as to how the process is for a forum discussion to migrate into a documentation or schema change.

At one point, I thought discussions should translate into issues in GitHub - buildingSMART/NextGen-IFC - I see “decisions made” but no link to the actual actions / implementations.

At another point, I thought it would be GitHub - buildingSMART/IFC: IFC schema management and versioning repository - of which there are a number of branches, which I’m not sure what to follow.

Now, I’ve recently been aware of GitHub - buildingSMART/IFC4.3.x-development

For topics that require feedback from subject matter experts (e.g. geolocation guys, or implementers for material / mapped item proposals), it is not clear who is responsible to find these experts and moderate the discussion, and what is the process to make the final decision?

Also, it is not clear what the timelines are. What changes can be made for IFC4.3? What need to be delayed for IFC5? Is there an IFC4.4? When are the dates?

Can someone clarify this?

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