Viewer that shows all relationships?


We are developing a solution that generates IFC files (using ifcOpenShell on python). Part of the solution involves generating relationships between objects. I would like to see that we are correctly generating these relationships by opening the resulting file in a viewer.

We currently use the BimVision viewer for this. It works for our objects, geometries and main relationship (IfcRelAggregates). However, when we add other relationship types (IfcRelReferencedInSpatialStructure / IfcRelAssignsToProduct) I don’t see them there, even in the relations tab, and even though the IFC file looks correct.

Is there any viewer that supports these in a good way, so we can test that we are generating sane objects?

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I think, FZKViewer never let us down when it comes to showing every IfcRelationship there is. :man_dancing:


The free and open source BlenderBIM Add-on has the IFC Debug panel which will show all relationships as well. It is also powered by IfcOpenShell.


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