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IFC (Structural Analysis View)


Hello Experts,
I made a model of simple framed structure using ETABS. After exporting it into the IFC file (Structural Analysis view), I found that there is no any information related to the geometry of the elements.
I want to know that it is possible to put geometrical data information in Structural Analysis view of an IFC file?
Thanks and Regards
Jaspreet Kaur



Hi Jaspreet,

I’ve tested and reviewed IFC output from ETABS and the quality is quite good. A structural curve member doesn’t typically have a solid representation nominated, but the information about material and profile is ascertained through the relationships (a single material profile entity can be used in IFC4)

If you browse the model in the free ifc tree viewer provided at then you should be able to identify this, else post a sample file and I’ll take a look.





Thank you sir for your reply,
I’ve viewed my IFC(structural analysis) file in Solibri, IFC++ and Tekla BimSight viewer.
In Solibri and Tekla BimSight it displays nothing. But in IFC++ it shows just a line diagram.
I’ve also viewed in GeometryGym tree viewer, from which I found entity related to width and depth of columns and beams. But the problem is this, we are still unable to view structural members in the above said viewers.

Jaspreet Kaur



I Had also worked with ETABS and exported IFC file (both 2*3 and 4) to get structural analysis view.
Well ETABS exported structural analysis in IFC files it can be easily view and check in notepad and compare it with IFC standard . BUT we can only check files in text viewer as per my research.
No bim viewer and software shown us what was in ifc file in GUI mode. so thats why jaspreet you were not able to view in these viewers .

  1. So as per my work i can conclude either ETABS is giving BAD ifc files which is only export and import in ETABS. or
  2. NO Viewer is developed in such a way to view structural analysis view of ifc file.

NOW, I am working on structural view of ifc in other BIM softwares.

IFC files Exported from ETABS

beam2.3.ifc (8.1 KB)

ifc2x3_structural_analysis.ifc (66.9 KB)
ifc4_Structural_analysis.ifc (66.9 KB)

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Hi @Tandeep,

Besides Geometry Gym and IFC++, it might be good to reach out to the many viewer developers and get them to either explain their lack of support, or spur them to make such viewing possible.

To find them, follow this link to the new Implementation Database -> … and sort by “Category”. The Model Viewers will all be grouped together. A few of the Development Tools also have viewer implementations.

This is a good item for the ISG to bring up and see if we can establish some common ground on support.

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Hi Tandeep,

Ive also been looking at this and have not been able to find a viewer which displays results - I would be very interested to hear how you get on. If you do make contact with any of the software vendors would you mind posting the details here? I would be happy to follow up as well - requests are likely to get more weight if multiple parties are asking for the same thing.

Ive been trying STAAD’s IFC export which works very well with the geometry and other properties but doesnt export any results or loadcases. What does get exported is displayed properly in Solibri.

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I contacted Auto desk, Bentley on their forums. They are not having a
viewer or software which can help us to view structural analysis data.
In reality they are not having any software which can export analysis
data to IFC file. So it is clear from this line that if no export then
no import too.

So now I am working on my behalf to find or to make such thing which
can show us some analysis data.

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Geometrygym has a number of developments that might help you so feel free to try this.

The free treeviewer allows you to explore the structural analysis data with no geometry. Rhino importer can visualise the model and also provided are translators to convert the model to robot, ism, sap2000, etabs and several other applications. I recall sap2000, stabs, Sofistik and spacegass all have their own importer out of the box.



I understand what you want to say but besides that
Many more software like AxisVM , RFEM ,ETABS,SAP200 also exported Structural analysis view . but none of them import structure view of other software’s like you mentions.
But i had not tried with Sofistik, so i will start working on it from next week and then will decide what to do with these .



Rhino importer requires licence on installation so not able to work on it.



Did you find the instructions for requesting a license here?

Note that rhino isn’t necessarily required for these conversions. They can exist as standalone executables or command line utilities if preferred. Some applications such as sap2000 can host plugins so they might also be executed as a command there in that situation. Probably better to direct message me and let me know exactly what analysis applications you’d like to test.