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Any tools can view and measure ifc4 includes geometry type is IFCADVANCEDBREP

Hi All,
I want to find a tool can view and measure IFC4 geometry, and use the tools (FZKViewer, IFCViewer, IFC++, Solibri, DDS-CAD, BIM Vision, etc.) to open a sample file which includes geometry type IFCADVANCEDBREP, the tools have difference issues:

  • FZKViewer: can’t see the geometry, but can see the property information;
  • IFCViewer can see the geometry, but it can’t measure;
  • IFC++, Solibri, DDS-CAD, BIM Vision: Can’t see the geometry

So, I have two questions:

  1. which tools can see geometry type is IFCADVANCEDBREP?
  2. which tools can measure this type geometry?

basin-advanced-brep.ifc (9.7 KB)


Did you try XBim Explorer??

Thanks, I’ve tried xBim Explorer, it can show the geometry but cannot measure :frowning:

You can implement the measuring functionality if you want. It is all open source.

How about BIMcollab ZOOM?

If you want to “debug” advanced breps, then Rhino3d coupled with the Geometry Gym Ifc plugin might prove very helpful.

I developed functionality in the ifc tree viewer to permit geometry breakdown for items such as IfcAdvancedBreps. This will add the concepts into Rhino geometry that can be interrogated and measured using Rhino tools.

Note I still have problems with creating manifold solids out of many ifc examples, I need to study this further.




I’ve tried to download this application, register it and get a free activation key. No matter set proxy or not, the activation page does not allow input the key. Copied the key and paste also don’t allowed.


Strange! Ill contact you directly to see if we can resolve this.

In search of a reference viewer (which I miss at bS) I tried BIMcollab.
It understand ifcExtrudedAreaSolidTapered too. This saves a lot of triangles.

I think some companies has started to use some IFC4 features/improvements on their IFC2x3 products.

As I see and as I know, IFC4 has a lot of improvements, especially in geometries/topologies, but obviously still needs more improvements

Agree! As what I found there is no available viewer can render IfcSurfaceofRevolution & IfcSphericalSurface. If any viewer can open it, I would like to have a test.

IfcOpenShell support for IfcAdvancedBrep is a little spotty, but it does seem to work in some scenarios.

If it is one of those scenarios that works, the geometry can be measured in Blender: