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IFC4 geometry for a curved mass

IFC4 has a real advantage for architects. But i was unable to tweak my IFC viewer BIM vision (free) to make this look proper. Maybe this is becuase the interface and program is based on ‘objects’ and my EPS mass is not a defined ‘thing’.

Blender give a better import but misses some parts. @Moult i attached the IFC.eps als ifc4.ifc (197.4 KB)


Did you try Xbim Xplorer as well?



Thanks for testing! How is the view resolution of curved faces and masses set in this one?

@Hans_Lammerts this is working in the latest version of BlenderBIM :slight_smile: I think it was already fixed in the version on Dec 19, but it is definitely fixed now. There will be a release soon!

How to open IFC file with Blender?

Also this thread: Presenting Blender as a new IFC authoring tool

What menu item of blenderbim to use to read IFC?

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Is it not working? It’s just a matter of installing the blenderbim & ifc plugins and then importing.

@igor.sokolov, @Duncan_Lithgow is correct. Just install the add-on and then you can do File->Import->IFC.