Vessel Propulsion Type - Pset_MarineVehicleCommon

Hello, I need to define a marine vessel’s type of propulsion device.

In particular, a bow thruster, which is typically propeller driven but can be water jet also.

A physical object that includes a water jet or propeller used on vessels intended to provide a means to move the vessel sideways for maintaining the vessel’s position without anchors.

I can’t find a marine propulsion class, could someone help me to narrow in on the best option for making a mapping for this device type?

With thanks -

As with the marine Anchor, I think you will be disappointed looking for the features of vessels.
I do understand that IFC is the preferred interoperability format for vessel fitouts, and there may be many elements such as plates and members that are common, but I think you will be resorting to IfcBuiltElement for many (most?) aspects.