Marine Navigation Instrument


I would like to make a bSDD URI mapping for a specific type of marine instrument.

CFIHOS Classification

system using transmitted and reflected underwater sound waves to detect and locate submerged objects or measure the distance to the floor of a body of water.

Is it possible to keep this in the marine domain? I can see that a sonar would encompass a sensor, but it is in the above sense the sensor and the read-out / screen together.

It might seem to encompass a sensor, perhaps one of the below, but this wouldn’t describe the object in full, neither that it is marine specific.

Would anyone have an idea how to approach this definition -

If these enumeration do not include what you need - set USERDEFINED and specify text label value for ElementType


If I assign the URI for IfcSensor.USERDEFINED to map to CFIHOS ‘Sonar’ - this URI contains just that single entity.

Could you show me what you mean by specify the text label value?

With thanks,