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The IFC4 documentation website is broken

For the last week I’ve been in the UK where the IFC4 documentation website is mostly unavailable. Navigation to the main page succeeds. Clicking on any chapter yields a 404 response like:

1. Request URL:
2. Request Method:
3. Status Code:
404 Not Found

However, is down isn’t down but it needs to have a front page added (@jwouellette) . You can see the contents such as

Yes, I’ve seen before,

I know that this’s just a sub-domain and for sure soon will work perfectly

@ian as we’ve mentioned before, use the new website It has a new interface for accessing all the standards.

@jonm and @ReD_CoDE the standards server has no UI of its own, nor will it. That would be redundant. Use the links from the tables/ databases on the new technical site.

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I also had a small panic attack :slight_smile:
But with a small google search I found out how beautiful it is now organised.
Everything in one place with all possible links… it was really needed.


Hi Jeff,
it might be worthwhile to disable directory listing for, so that those directory structures don’t show.

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I’ll contact Stephen and Paul about that. In the meantime, I have uploaded a new index page…