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New IfcDoc tool web pages and links

I have just finished updating the new website to include the IfcDoc tools under “Resources”.

I have also moved the User Guide to the GitHub repository and created a Wiki page:

Feedback is welcome.


Some great work there Jeff, well done.

Gee, thanks…:blush:

I assume your first link is meant to be Not sure if the tools allow you to edit this.

Thanks @JohnDickinson for the catch. Fixed!

Hello Jeff,
I´m an architect enrolled in a master course in OpenBIM through IFC. I intend to develop an MVD to filter data from Architectural model to suit the needs to Structural one.

But actually, I´m quite new to IfcDoc. I was beginning to compose an MVD but wright after including an Exchange Requirement I didn´t manage to continue because I don´t know how to assign an object from the IFC schema to the Model View. Do you know who could I ask about these simple issues?

Current IfcDoc has issues, it doesn’t work well

Thank you for the promptness!
So, I guess it is no longer possible to link by the context menu it was before. Is there any other way to do this or this functionality is unavailable by now?