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I’d like everyone to know that we are currently in the process of transitioning the online storage of IFC (and MVD) specifications and formats from the old domain to the new It will take some time as we continue to test the new service. During the transition period, the old domain will continue to operate, but documentation links on that site will be incrementally switched to the new domain.

When the new site is ready, becoming the new focal point of technical information for buildingSMART International, we will take the old domain completely down. We do plan on setting up some redirect services, but since there is no one-to-one mapping of information from the old to the new, some old links will lead to a more general page.

We hope that the new technical site will provide clear, concise information and better complement the main site. The new site will sit in the background and serve as a permanent documentation server for buildingSMART International standards, both final and proposed, including specifications and formats. All links to specifications and formats in the new technical site will be directed to that domain. This helps us better manage the growing library of standards materials separate from the marketing, organizational, and project process information surrounding it. Besides the online service of documentation and files, users will continue to be able to download ZIP packages from established links.

Your patience during this transition is greatly appreciated. If you happen to notice any mistakes or errors as these new services appear, please let me know via this forum as soon as possible. We’ll try to rectify it immediately and ensure reliable access to buildingSMART’s valuable assets.

Kindest regards,
Jeffrey W. Ouellette


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