Just wanted to let everyone know that is now LIVE!

Please note that this is version 1.0. We’ll be adding more to it over the coming weeks and months as we continue refine, reconfigure, and rewrite information from the old site to fit the new site and communication strategies. The most important part is to provide current links to schema specifications and MVDs and move content off the old servers. The old site will remain for a little while longer as we make the transition.

If there are questions or feedback about the new site, please let me know (but please be gentle and patient).


Hi Jeff,
Great work!
I was looking for the IFC specifications earlier today and ended up at The link posted there to the technical site is a dead end; you may want to edit this.

Thanks. Fixed.

Hi @jwouellette, I’d like to ask you if you could extend the information about xBIM Toolkit in the table of SW implementations. It certainly supports IFC2x3, IFC4 and BCF XML. If was actually one of the first who implemented IFC4.

Thank you very much.

Best regards


@martin.cerny Done. Thanks for the feedback.