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Software capable of mvdxml consuming

What are some good examples of exporter software that are capable of consuming mvdxml files to export IFC accordingly? Are there any?


@claimred time to create one? :slight_smile:

In addition, are there any good examples of software that is capable of authoring mvdxml, apart from IfcDoc? Preferably cross platform.

I believe I’ve seen two SAAS products that use MVDs a framework for describing valid data in a model for the purpose of auditing model quality. But I can’t remember the names of either of them. Maybe was one of them, the other was a German product with a Q in the name.

time to create one?

I think it is, yeah.

I guess I’m looking for the answers to the question, is mvdxml supposed to be used to configure exporter software as well as auditing the model from the other end. Is it safe to say that mvdxml should be an input of exporter software?

I guess you mean BIMQ.

But i don’t know if it uses mvdxml question…

That’s the one. Thanks. I think they mentioned it uses MVDs to describe valid content. I remember asking them as I was looking into it as a computer friendly way to describe some of the standards we have in Denmark for valid contents of specific parameters.