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Use model view definition

I used IfcDoc to develop a custom mvd for testing purposes, which right now contains only IfcDoor entity.
My question is : How can I use my mvd to export for example in Revit (or other software) to be able to see the results of it.
(In Revit I cannot find a place to put exp,xsd or mvdxml files to see them in the Ifc export menu)
Do you have any suggestion regarding Revit or may be other softwares, for that matter,that I can use?
Thanks ,


Hi @KavehAll ,

as far as it is known to me, there is no software currently available that would support this kind of setting up the export.

But I do like to hear that there are other people in the world with the same idea! Perhaps we can collaborate on that? PM me.

@stefan.markic This is why I’m building IfcXtreme (
In the near future, there’s a need to have a tool “INSIDE THE SOFTWARE” to control and manage Data/Information/Knowledge Exchanges

There are other projects like IDM Toolkit too (IDM Configurator/Toolkit)

However, IfcXtreme even is some steps ahead

The GeometryGym IFC tools allow you to build up an IFC using visual programming, giving you a very fine-grained approach toward creating an IFC with exactly the data you need.

The BlenderBIM Add-on allows you to create IFCs using a nearly identical internal data model to the IFC schema, again, allowing you to have very fine-grained control over exports. Additionally, the IfcPatch tool and BIMTester tool allow you to modify IFC files to exactly the data you require, and validate it in a more flexible and easier manner than using mvdXML. However, it lacks the ability to currently build up an export of specified entities. This is something I do have on the to-do list, however. So you can expect it in a future release of the BlenderBIM Add-on.

GeometryGym is not like IfcDoc or the next generation of IfcDoc, something like what IDM Configurator/Toolkit follows

@Moult Dion, you clearly know what I’m talking about and what I’ll build

BlenderBIM, BIMTester, IfcPatch, Git, GitHub, etc are good and invaluable, however, I see some hidden things that few can see

However, just time can show which solutions were right and followed the right path