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How to validate an IFC4 against an mvdxml


Is there a good way to validate an IFC4 file against an MVDXML file (the DTV, in my case) without going to the trouble & expense of filing for certification? It seems like there ought to be some tools out there that check this, but I can’t find any.

Simplebim claims to do this, but it refuses to read in either the RV or DTV mvdxml files from BSI, claiming that the files have unspecified errors. Are there any other options?

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Statsbygg is testing validation of IFC4 (and upcoming also IFC 2x3) models against mvdXML 1.1 requirement sets. We currently use the BIMQ database from AEC3 ( - and SImpleBIM 7 with free mvdXML plugin for the validation. See teaser video here: xBIM should be another option:


Thanks for the suggestions.

Unfortunately, SimpleBIM’s customer support confirmed that they don’t support bSI’s standard mvdXML file format, so that’s not an option.

xBIM appears to be a library toolkit, not a standalone application that can be run.

Is anybody aware of any other options for validating an IFC4 file against bSI’s mvdXML files?


?? SimpelBIM have a published plugin for mvdXML…


That plugin looks useful on the surface, but it actually dies with an error when you try to import any of the bSI mvdXML files. Talking with Simplebim’s customer support revealed that the plugin was written for a proprietary version of mvdXML that is incompatible with bSI’s version. Without a financial incentive to do so, they have no plans to support bSI’s version in the foreseeable future.

I still haven’t found any standalone programs that can validate an IFC4 file against a bSI mvdXML file.