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Parameter options in the IfcDoc Tool

Hello buildingSMART community,

I am currently working a lot with MVD and the IfcDoc Tool, and I think I have a fairly good understanding of both but still got a long way to go.
At the moment I am developing an MVD for model checking a building using xBIM and it seems that I am running into a limitation of the IfcDoc Tool, maybe someone can help me with finding a solution.

I want to check if the attributes Name and ObjectType for and IfcProduct do exist. But as far as I can see, it is only possible to check for certain values, by writing this value in the Parameters section. My goal is to have an expression like this in my mvdXML: Parameters=“ProductName[Exists]=TRUE”. Is this possible using the most recent IfcDoc Tool?

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Edit: It seems like I am not yet allowed to add pictures to my post, sorry for that :frowning:

IfcDoc Example

Have you checked the BIMTester tool? It let’s you write unit tests to check almost anything in your BIM model in plain English with no need to use mvdXML.

You can download it at - we have used it instead of mvdXML to check and specify exchange requirements as we have found similar limitations. The natural language specifications are also very easy for stakeholders to understand, whereas I usually just get blank looks with MVDs.

Its free and open source software too.

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Thank you for this information. Does a documentation exist or can you provide examples on how to use the tool? I allready installed BlenderBIM and had a first look at the tool set. I am interested in testing the capabilities. :+1:
Nevertheless I am still looking for a solution using the IfcDocTool.

Hi @Tob,

unfortunately, this is not possible in IfcDoc. I would implement it but I am a bit hesitant as I have no idea what technology bSI wants to use for this.

Another reason why I am a bit hesitant in implementing these functionalities is this thread: Mvdxml improvements. We are currently working on some improvements to the mvdxml format and I want to implement the novelties into a new IfcDoc release.

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Hello @sergej,
thank you for your response and the link to the mvdxml thread. Interesting read and I am looking forward to future updates.
Than I will use the workaround in designing my mvdXML using the IfcDoc Tool and manually tweaking certain parts.

Best regards