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Building Energy Modelers and Simulation Engines


I am looking for info on building energy simulation engines and associated modelers extensively used in the AECOO industry, but with IFC import capabilities. I am familiar with Energy+ (US DOE), ApacheSim (IES), TAS (EDSL), ThermoRender (A&A), and IDA (EQUA), as well as some independent front-end GUIs for Energy+, like OpenStudio, FineGREEN (4M) and Simergy, but I don’t know if there are any others that are popular and/or mandated in other global markets.

I am currently working on a project to establish a standardized Building Energy Modeling MVD (BIM tool -> BEM tool). At this point, I need more input about workflows from the different simulation/analysis tools, with IFC import functionality, to discover what is the best data to deliver from a BIM authoring tool (Revit, Vectorworks, OpenBuildings Designer, etc.).

Any pointers, and possible contacts, would be well appreciated in helping move this effort forward.

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Hi Jeff,
as I wrote you in LinkedIn, I have a good experience with eQuest, which is really good one and accepted by LEED Certification. Other one that I would recommend and also help with PHPP- Passive House Planning Package v.9 and WUFI Passiv (or WUFI Plus by Fraunhofer IBP).
Best regards,