RFI: Urban and Land Management think-tank/room/group

Hello bS friends.

Within the buildingSMART Spain member’s community, there are some interesting big-player public actors (mainly city councils or regional/national governments) that are playing an important role in the digitalization of the urban and land management domain at a metropolitan level. I mentioned it here :point_right:t2: How are site boundaries meant to be stored? - #4 by daviddelven .

Some already started to get in contact with some counterparts in other countries (i.e. Japan). Their goal is to identify a “place” to work collaboratively and internationally towards the evolution of urban and land digital domains. It is also our aim, as a chapter, to give support and advice to our members also providing the international layer to their initiatives.

Our request for information here includes:

1. Identify potential global counterparts within the bS arena that are working specifically on developing Land Models based on IFC, CityGML or other standards with geometrical representation features.

2.1 Check the details of the current status of the “IFC for Site, Landscape and Urban planning” initiative ( @jwouellette already informed us in detail about the current status)

2.2 and explore future chances of getting new actors involved

3. Identify other parallel paths or “places” to share their know-how and restlessness towards tangible objectives. (i.e. what @jwouellette also mentioned here :point_right:t2: IFC for Site, Landscape, and Urban Planning - Call for Participation - #14 by jwouellette ). There are many domains intersections here, therefore a “more than one” place where to invest energy.

We hope we find some insights and/or catalysts within this forum category. It would be nice if we can rise a minimum set of interests to start an early-stage discussion during the next offline global meetings:

  • International Council and Chapter Conference in Slovenia
  • bSI Autumn Summit 2023 in Oslo

We can discuss it here or just send us an email to david.delgado@buildingsmart.es

Looking forward to your feedback,


Hey @daviddelven ,
there was an activity proposal within the bSI Building Domain (former Room) on IFC for Site and Landscape Planning, which was initiated and pushed by Jeffrey Ouellette. buildingSMART Germany and many other chapters supported it yet no enough funding was raised for that. Maybe it would be starting point to revive that @jwouellette ⁩. German chapter committed that time and linked it’s Working Group “openBIM for Landscape Architecture”. Now we have established one more working group on “BIM & GIS Integration”. Guess they all would be eager to collaborate.
All the best

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Yes, we are totally aware of that, and we also talked with @jwouellette. That is why there is this community inquiry.