Progress update on site, landscape, and urban planning?

Ping @jwouellette - is there any updates on landscaping and urban planning? In particular, this question was raised by @baswein from the OSArch community who is a landscape architect.

No updates. We haven’t had any sponsors step up to fund the project. As usual, lots of people want to participate, give input, and see results, but projects like this also require dedicated resources to do proper project management, task management, and production of required materials/collateral.

That’s a shame. Where can we find out more about the sponsorship targets required, and what the funds are needed for? Perhaps some of those who want to participate can volunteer their time to do project management, task management, and produce materials?

Thanks for bringing this up here @Moult and thanks for the update @jwouellette as disappointing as it is . BIM in landscape has a lot of possibilities and unfortunately it seems like there really aren’t too many programs that are developing it. Having an IFC schema that supported the required elements might help that process along.

@Moult here is the link to the Forum topic.

IFC for Site, Landscape, and Urban Planning - Call for Participation - Activities-Projects / IFC-SiteLandscapeUrbanPlanning - buildingSMART Forums

Looks like I need to fix some document links as they go to the old ShareFile system.

I also have a draft version of the Detailed Project Plan that differs a bit from the Activity Proposal. But in general, the scope and budget of the project in the AP are roughly on target.


With the launch of IFC4.3 incorporating support for Road, Rail, Bridge I hope we will see a bigger interest from stakeholders to sponsor Site, Landscape and Urban planning. Perhaps updating these documents and refreshing the call for participation within the bSI community, especially targeting the InfraRoom, RailwayRoom, AirportRoom, BuildingRoom and ConstructionRoom who all have an interest in the concepts to be developed. IT is a challenge to find sponsors, but ones you catch them they are hooked (from own experience :))

Interessting what’s cooking in the ESRI Autodesk kitchens. I see some IFC use here!

Well well … and .of course… Revit