The future of IFC for Urban Design / Planning / Development

Hello bSI forum,

This is an open request for information to insiders within the bSI group about the future of IFC specifications in relation to UIM (urban information model) / CIM (city information models) / CityBIM.

In relation to an UIM software plugin I’m developing, I’m debating using IFC and converting all of my current (non-standard) elements to IFC elements, such as IfcGeographic and the more established IfcTransport and IfcBuilt.

Is there any updates as to how IFC will be extended to encompass a full range of urban development / urban design / urban planning entities?

Is there someone I could talk to to setup a meeting to discuss strategy and talk about how to implement this?

Our plugin is currently running in Rhino + Grasshopper. We are currently in Python but will probably refactor to C#. We would also need to know how to implement this switch into our code… and ideally how to use IFC JSON if possible.


Hi @Maketank,

Have you seen this:

Hi Maketank,

I use citygml and FZKviewer turn make cityjson into IFC files.
Check out this latest blogitem. It’s dutch, sorry for that

There really is still a lot to gain from a software development point of view.
I still don’t see much action coming form Buildingsmart.