How are site boundaries meant to be stored?

The docs don’t seem to mention this explicitly, unless I missed it. Here are some guesses:

  • Site footprint (though it’s not really a footprint)
  • IfcAnnotation (sort of, but not really)
  • IfcVirtualElement (seems most correct, but hesitant because the docs don’t talk about this type of boundary)


I’d second that but just to confirm, the site boundary in this case includes temporary works but would you also want to include adjacent roads, offloading points etc.? I don’t have an answer but I do see this as more than just where the boundary fence is run.

Just my thought…

@ColinH ah yes, to be more specific I was referring to the legal boundary (i.e. the lot boundary) where the design is constrained by. This may or may not correlate with a physical boundary (e.g. some overhangs may be legally allowed, or street furniture may spill over, or boundaries may vary temporarily during construction tasks, etc).