Pset_SoundAttenuation - timeSeries makes no sense


I was thinking about Pset_SoundAttenuation again. For SoundPressure we definitely need frequency dependent values. The definition is written as:

" A time series of sound pressure values measured in decibels at a reference pressure of 20 microPascals for the referenced octave band frequency. Each value in [IfcTimeSeries].ListValues is correlated to the sound frequency at the same position within SoundFrequencies."
This is not intuitive at all. Why not just use table value instead? Then we can put the frequency in the first column, the value in dB in the second column. And there will be no mistakes reading the information.

For example some values starts with 50 Hz, others with 100 Hz. sometimes we use octave and sometimes third octave band filters. From an acoustic point of view a table would be easier to handle and avoid big communication problems.