Construction resource documentation needs updating

The following documentation is oudated. CostRatesConsumed is now Usage.

For time series properties as shown in Figure 180, each IfcTimeSeriesValue indicates a LIST of values, where the sequence of the value corresponds to the IfcCostValue at IfcConstructionResource.CostRatesConsumed . For example, if CostRatesConsumed has two IfcCostValue items in the LIST, “Standard” and “Overtime”, then IfcTimeSeriesValue(IfcDuration(‘T8H0M0S’),IfcDuration(‘T2H0M0S’)) would indicate 8 hours at Standard rate and 2 hours at Overtime rate. If the list of values at IfcTimeSeriesValue.ListValues is less than the size of CostRatesConsumed , then subsequent values are considered to be zero.

Which schema are you talking about? IFC2x3, IFC4, IFC4.3 RC2?

Please use tags and/or categories to help determine the best way to answer.

@jwouellette IFC4 and up, including the latest 4.3. How should I tag it? 4? 4.3? Both?

Tag both. You can include as many tags as necessary, like GitHub. I would also add “documentation” and/or “errata”.

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@jwouellette cheers - added tags, will add tags in all future posts too :slight_smile:

Actually, bumping this topic since I messed up when writing this - I no longer think that CostRatesConsumed is now Usage. Perhaps it may be BaseCosts, but it’s all a bit vague and confusing and I cannot find any reference to it in the schema at all.

In other words, the paragraph makes little sense and needs to be reviewed.