Proposed changes to implementations table on BS-tech website

I would like to propose two changes to the implementations page based off my findings in the Linux thread:

  1. Add a copy of FreeCAD to the “Architectural” category. Just as Revit has Revit MEP and Revit Architecture, FreeCAD also has multiple workbenches, at least one of which specialises in architectural workflows.
  2. Add IfcPlusPlus SimpleViewer to the “Model Viewer” category.
  3. Add IfcQuery to the “Model Viewer” category.

Not exactly sure how to get in contact with the ISG, but I figured I’d try posting here.

Hi Dion,

Thanks for the input. I’m working on a new version of the technical website and that table, as we speak. You an email/message me offline, as well.

I do have FreeCAD on my new list. I’ll add IFC++/IFCQuery. Thank you for the reference.

It would be good to add IfcOpenShell as a viewer as well. It offers a Qt5 based viewer.

I think it’s best to keep discussions on the forum, so it is more transparent to the community, and collaboration is what this is all about. Is there a place we can see the new version of the tech website?

I do have IfcOpenShell as a development tool. I’m not aware of the viewer.
Mentioning items to add to the list here is fine.
The new tech site isn’t quite ready, yet. We’ll be sure to make a big announcement when it is.

Indeed, IfcOpenShell’s Python module does have a viewer which can be launched via Python that depends on PythonOCC. If it got added as a Model Viewer perhaps more people would become aware :slight_smile: It’s quite a good IFC viewer too.

I look forward to the new website.

Within the IfcOpenShell sources, I’m only aware of a first (empty) start of a Qt-based viewer. It doesn’t do anything, really. I am trying to make a minimal usable example myself (and possibly contribute to IfcOpenShell), but it’s not functional currently.

The Qt-based viewer is a bit of a red herring. See:

Please also see:

I have documented all the options there.

Just curious if it has been added to the list, so that this thread can be closed?

I have noted it for the new database on the new site. When is deprecated, so will that particular implementation table. A new one will have a different, simpler format. We can address it then.