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New online IFC class search tool

I’d like to share a new online tool that I think is useful for those new to IFC and are trying to apply the correct IFC classes to their models. My usual approach is to browse the spec, but the document can be a little intimidating for newcomers. This quick search tool may help.

Take a peek:

Link changed to:


A search function. That’s what i’ve always missed in the ifc documentation. Thanks!

@Moult - nice! could we have a discussion, together with @jonm, if and how we could add something similar into the official IFC spec? Many readers miss it,

Today, the only other way is to install ifcDoc, import the *.ifcdoc file, and use “find” there, but this is not suitable for a “normal” user that looks for the proper IFC equivalence.

Just as a note: Given that we also work on multi-lingual translation, it would be great to use such functionality also for other languages (since users might be more familiar with their own language - but this is clearly a future step).


Maybe could add it as an additional web page/service on the standards domain, with links from the technical site…

For French speakers, there is a list at bS French chapter associated site

It is in list form, so you should use ^find…

Construction object terminology is in both, English and French.

By the way… shouldn’t this “translation” problem be solved by implementing the bSDD?

@TLiebich @jonm yes - we can certainly discuss this. What’s the best method of communication?

@StratArchi - very cool! Glad to see something available for French speakers. Shall we exchange links?

@Moult I’m part of the group who develop the BIMstandards documentation for bSFrance. We can take contact to build a common tool.

in the spanish language domain, we buildingSMART Spanish Chapter, started last year a first round of classes, types and PSets translationñol/classes/… It is based on a Google Spreadsheet so, it should be easy to add the search field feature, but I.M.O. only officialized bSSD translations should be added in such official bS Int website search engine.