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Standards Implementation Database Updated

Greetings everyone!

I have just posted an update to the buildingSMART International Standards Implementation Database. The update includes over 60 changes, including 36 new application entries. A few other URL corrections and name changes have been made to other products, as well as some updates to support.

Please take time to review and let me know if you see any errors or omissions. Generally, I don’t post support information unless it comes from the application developer directly, or is referenced on the application’s website or in official documentation.

I’m excited because the database expands to over 230 tools/apps, returning to a significant number after a purge a couple of years ago to bring it up-to-date for the new technical website.


Great job @jwouellette! A few minor corrections: BlenderBIM supports both IFC2x3 and IFC4, though it defaults to IFC4. I also believe that FreeCAD supports BCF, but @yorik can perhaps confirm the extent of this.

Edit: In addition, there is also the BIMTester utility, IFCDiff utility, IFCClash utility (note: not packaged for Windows, but runs as a Python script in Linux), and IFCCOBie utility (Facility Management). See the list here: they are standalone headless utilities which can be used with any BIM server.

Edit2: BIMSurfer under the vendor/developer column has a link to which is a dead link. To be consistent, you can label it “*open source” like you have labeled the others, since it is licensed under the MIT license. There are actually three versions of BIMSurfer each with pros and cons (v1, v2, and v3) but all are open source under the MIT license).

I’m pretty sure SCIA engineer supports IFC4.
Even better than the older one.

And i was am in the proces of testing the BCF manager of BricsCAD BIM. Check that as well

Thank you @Hans_Lammerts and @Moult

Please be sure to refresh your page after tonight. The updates may not show if you have the page cached from earlier.

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Add IFC4 for BricsCAD BIM. BricsCAD without BIM has nothing for ifc. Just like AutoCAD (3d)