IfcDoc: add property set as column definition instead of a single properties

In the process of making an MVDXML file with IfcDoc, we’d like to add full property sets as required properties.

When adding a column definition to a model view, only single properties can be added from Psets.
Is there any way to define multiple properties at once, or should that be avoided?

Now, we resolved this by making a template and adding all properties manually there (see image below). It would be great if a property set could be loaded instantly.

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I believe this purpose of mvdXML is to be obsolete and superseded by IDSXML. IfcOpenShell + BIMTester now has the capabilities to audit IDSXML, so perhaps that’d be the way forward.

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Thank you @Moult for the answer.
I must say I have a hard time finding documentation for IDSXML, except for the few examples here IDS/Examples2.md at master · buildingSMART/IDS · GitHub.

At this moment the MVDXML supports everything we want to and the IfcDoc provides an interface to construct an MVDXML file.

I do have a solution for now, using the property sets for objects template from here: https://standards.buildingsmart.org/MVD/RELEASE/IFC4/ADD2_TC1/RV1_2/HTML/link/property-sets-for-objects.htm

If you’re looking for a graphical editor for object pset templates, you can use the BlenderBIM Add-on. It’s free and open source. The latest version from Github releases has a much improved template editor. I am curious if there are other tools which can do this too.