How to check if parameters in an IFC file are compliant and editable

Test_Material_Parameter_optimized (EDITED).ifc (3.1 MB)
I have the following issue and wonder how other MEP Engineers handle it.
I use a calculation software that is really good in specifying the calculation data of a duct branch and it provides an IFC export with geometry and parameter sets of the results of the calculation.
My issue is that the software handles bad the common parameter sets. For example, I have comment from the BIM management company that I should include parameters (for example, ifcmaterial) but my authoring software places those parameters also in a custom parameter set.
So, my question is how should I handle checking the parameters on a IFC file to see if they are compliant with the common parameter sets? And can I move a parameter from a custom parameter set to the common or appropriate parameter set?

I attach a file with an example of the “ifcMaterial” parameter in the wrong set.

Like I wrote in it must be best to see if there is a way to make your authoring software do a better job. Otherwise I’m sure BIMTester can find out if the data is where it should be. I expect BlenderBIM Add-on can be made to script moving the data where it should be. I imagine Solibri might also be able to do the check and SimpleBIM would be worth looking at. Not sure what you mean by “editable” is some data in an .ifc more editable than others?