Occupant Behavior Modeling and BEM/BPM

Stephen Roth of Carmelsoft, Dennis Shelden of RPI CASE, and I are working on an ASHRAE research project - ASHRAE 1815-RP, “Integrating Occupant Behavior Data into Building Information Modeling for Performance Simulation” - which includes looking at how the obXML schema and methodology might be integrated with other industry schemas such as IFC and gbXML.

This is an aspect of BEM that was not previously included in the BIM-BEM IDM development technical report, but should have an impact on future discussions and information exchange projects.

The Building Room occupancy and movement project must be covering the same ground

Hi Nick,

I don’t know enough about the BR project, but this OBM one is about encoding of individual occupant behaviors in buildings/spaces and their interaction with building services systems (primarily HVAC and Lighting) and how that affects the design of the buildings and systems from a BEM/BPM perspective. “Movement” is only about which spaces people may be occupying at any given time… not for exiting or safety purposes, but general use of the building. It’s a very granular view of spatial utilization, generalized psychrometric requirements, overriding individual occupancy requirements, subsequent overrides on system controls, and results on HVAC and lighting system performance and energy usage. Makes my head spin… but it is a very interesting path of inquiry. However, it seems to be gaining traction as a means to close the gap between typical deterministic modeling, simulation, and analysis methods for building energy performance design and actual building performance.