Register for the buildingSMART International Webinar - Building Energy Modelling IDM Report: Expert Panel Call for Participation

bSI invites industry professionals (designers, owners/operators, consultants, academia, regulators, software vendors and Green Building Certification Institutions) with expertise and vested interest in the domain of Building Energy Modelling (BEM) to attend an orientation session about the bSI BEM IDM report and a call for participants to be on the Expert Panel to review the documentation. There will be two instances of the webinar to accommodate our colleagues across the globe, with registration details shown below for different time zones.

At the webinar, you will receive information about the project and how you may participate as an Expert Panel delegate to review the report and its findings before it is voted on by the buildingSMART International Standards Committee.


Over the last two and a half years, the issue of addressing building energy modeling (BEM) utilizing buildingSMART principals and standards has been studied and documented with a ‘Master IDM’. It is an overview of how BEM may be applied to projects over their entire lifecycle, from conception to operations, and the many issues and challenges related to methods, processes, and technologies for creating, exchanging, and utilizing data among a diverse array of project stakeholders, software, and requirements.

The goal is to have the report vetted by a wide variety of industry stakeholders with domain expertise and responsibility from across the world. Their charge is to review the report, provide constructive feedback on any necessary revisions or additions, and come to a consensus on the results and recommendations for next steps in developing specific guidelines and data exchanges.

In following the bSI Process, after the Expert Panel review, the bSI standards governance committees will review, endorse, comment and then vote on enshrining the report as part of the bSI Standards Library. Learn more about the bSI Process at the link below.

bSI Process

Please use the links below to register for the webinar of your choice.

BEM Webinar 1 APAC and NAOU :
5:00 pm 13th Jan 2021 (PST) Los Angeles
9:00 am 14th Jan 2021 (CST) Beijing

Duration : 90 minutes
Location : Online using Zoom

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BEM Webinar 2 EMEA:
9:00 am 14th Jan 2021 (EST) New York
3:00 pm 14th Jan 2021 (CET) Berlin
7:30 pm 14th Jan 2021 (IST) Delhi

Duration : 90 minutes
Location : Online using Zoom

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What you can do to prepare for the webinar

While this webinar is open to all those interested in the BEM topic, the Expert Panel will need to be limited in size. It is preferred to have 2 or 3 representatives from each buildingSMART chapter, with a variety of experiences, to serve on the panel. However, each representative may coordinate the review and feedback of the report with a larger group of experts in their respective chapters/regions or domains. At the webinar and immediately after, we would like to gather the names of nominees to the Expert Panel and coordinate its composition before the first meeting in late-January 2021. The general public will be allowed to review and comment on the report through registration and use of the buildingSMART Forums. These general comments will be fed into the Expert Panel review process for consideration.

Any Questions?

Should you have any further questions, please send them to Jeffrey Ouellette and Mirbek Bekboliev using the email addresses below.

Further Information?

You may find the information at the links below helpful.

Updates from bSI Virtual Summit May 2020:
Latest Update from bSI Virtual Summit October 2020:

Thank You on behalf of bSI,

Jeffrey Ouellette, Project Coordinator
Mirbek Bekboliev, Building Room Steering Committee member and Project Advisor


Here is a link to the presentation: PDF on Box

Here is a link to one of the webinar sessions: BEM_IDM-Expert_Panel_Call_for_Participation on Vimeo


I still not see link to the recording. Did I miss it ? I would like to share it and discuss of it with my contact in this field before applying.

Hi @Cyril, see previous post from Jeff. It has been updated also with the Link.

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Important Note →

Expert Panels will be held on:

EP Meeting #126 February 2021

EP Meeting #223 March 2021

EP Meeting #327 April 2021

EP Meeting #427 May 2021

how can I register for the above dates? and is the time already known?

The meeting dates are part of the Expert Panel and for the members of the Expert Panel only.

We are planning to have an update for the public at the Spring 2021 bSI Virtual Summit.

I did not receive any reply to my application for the expert panel - have you made any decisions yet?

I am very well impressed with the content of the report for BEM however I would suggest to include Energy Service Company (ESCo) among the stakeholder as they have a very important role, especially in Europe, for the refurbishment of existing buildings and their role is different from any other stakeholder described in the report.
Here is the description of their role taken from this beroeinc web site
Energy Contracting - also known as ESCO or Energy Service - is a comprehensive energy service concept to execute energy efficiency projects in buildings or production facilities according to minimized project cycle cost. An energy service company or energy savings company (ESCO) is a commercial or non-profit business providing a wide range of energy saving solutions such as designs and implementation of energy savings projects, energy conservation, energy infrastructure outsourcing, retrofitting, power generation and energy supply, and risk management.

ESCOs are usually different from other energy efficiency improvement or Energy Services Company, by the concept of performance- based contracting. The ESCO’s payment is directly linked to the amount of energy saved both in in physical and monetary terms. ESCOs offer similar services as Energy Service Providing Companies (ESPCs). However, in contrast to them, they guarantee the savings and their remuneration is linked to the projects performance. ESCOs may also provide or arrange financing.


Hi Elisabeth,

The buildingSMART Germany team is being led by Mr. Sebastian Ebertshäuser of Fraunhofer IBP. Please contact him directly.

Hi @Anna.Moreno,

Thank you very much for the kind review. Good suggestion on the ESCOs and even ESPCs. This is exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for.

@Anna.Moreno Hi Anna,
I have seen your comment about ESCO and I also agree that it should add as Stakeholder. I have made the same comments in the second review as well. Actually I am contacting you because during the first review, I have add the following comment:

“Local or national subsidies can influence the new design or renovation, in terms of technology to use and the ROI of the project. It is an important aspect to consider in the Energy project.”

@jwouellette Jeffrey asked to develop more this point and I was thinking to mention the following:

"in Italy various subsidies are provided, Some of them have higher incentive using certain technology (gas condensing boiler, Heting pump) in comparison to other (ex. connection to district heating).
*Here Below is alist of possible incentives from the italian government *

Incentivi per l'efficienza energetica

*Enea agency (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) among their tasks, support the energy efficiency providing technical guidelines. *
Ex. Vademecum - ENEA - Dipartimento Unità per l'efficienza energetica"

As you see I mentioned also Enea (I saw from your profile you are in Enea), my question for you is if you have any document that could show the relation between the incentives and the ROI of a project. Any other comment will be really appreciated.

Grazie e buona giornata

Here are my comments/suggestions
Local or national subsidies can influence the new design or renovation, in terms of technology to use and the ROI of the project. It is an important aspect to consider in the Energy project.
We agree on this point as the incentive not only lowers the ROI for the client or for the ESCO but also affects the materials and technologies both because it allows you to go further economically, and because, often, it requires performance in terms of Energy Efficiency and sustainability, greater than expected. by regulatory obligations

"in Italy various subsidies are provided,…

Yes, the incentives are different because they refer to different sectors and different technologies (e.g. PREPAC is only referred to a precise list of central state administrations). Thermal subsidy again are only for public administration. We have also incentives for the production of renewable energy and “exchange on the spot”.
In recent months the 110% incentive was launched, ie the possibility of redeveloping existing buildings by increasing the energy class of the buildings by two. Those who use this form of incentives will see expenses reimbursed at 110% diluted over ten years through the taxation system.
Similarly, the replacement of the fixtures or a thermal coat can be reimbursed at 50%. While other kinds or deeper refurbishment can be reimbursed at 65%.
Finally, there is also the eco-bonus which reaches up to 80% considering both the strengthening the structure of a building and the energy efficiency. Considering the fact that it makes no sense to make a building more efficient if it then collapses at the first earthquake

…if you have any document that could show the relation between the incentives and the ROI of a project…

with this overall picture it probably makes no sense to apply the classic theories of return on investment, since the assumptions are often different from case to case but above all, if the goal is to have more comfortable homes and, at the same time, reduce energy consumption to combat climate change, the return on investment mainly concerns our health and the health of the planet.
In any case, the European Commission produced in 2006 a report that lists the formulas to be applied to calculate the return on investment. The report can be download at this link:

Thanks a lot for your answer!

HI @mirbek.bekboliev and @jwouellette, are there additional presentations or recordings from these meetings that you could post? Thanks in advance!