Construction Room started to use Forum bbs.

buildingSMART International, Construction Room starts to use the forum. If you want to share your questions about Construction BIM and Use cases please post them with category of “Construciton”.

I want to facilitate this bbs to spread “openBIM” in construction.

Ken Endo, chairman of Construction Room


Nice one Ken. Looking forward to Construction Room discussions and contributions.

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[quote=“Ken, post:1, topic:3455”]
Construction BIM
[/quote] ?

Let’s try to minimalize all kinds of “BIM flavors”. It really help if to have clear terms and meanings.


@Ken this is great! I would love to know what initiatives are happening related to construction topics in BIM!

OSArch has started a weekly catchup on building authoring tools for construction sequencing entities and cost schedules in IFC, which is linked to work schedules. Is this something that could be of interest?

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Thank you for respond to my post. We, Construction Room, held 6 sessions at 2021 Spring Virtual summit meeting. If you have any comments for sessions, please let us know. Your activity request will be discussed on monthly meeting of Steering Committee of CR. Thank you for your interests.

Ken Endo

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