bSDD - buildingSMART Data Dictionary and classification of IFC 4x3 Domain mapping?

We are struggling with utilizing IFC 4.3 infrastructure domains (as well as discipline specific domains). As an example, when exporting from revit everything goes under the building domain. We are looking for a little bit more control over how these domains are exported. If not, we cannot query components in our ifc models based on domains, instead we would have to resort to utilizing other parameters to filter by domain, which defeats the purpose of using these domains (at least in regards to filtering). Is it possible to control this behavior? Perhaps through bsdd relationship mapping? If yes could this be enforced in Revit, Microstation etc?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @elva, it’s a good question. I don’t see how bSDD could help since it’s more about implementing IFC4.3 in particular software. The standard only recently was submitted for ISO. It can take some time for wide adoption.

Regarding Revit, let me ping @angel.velez.

@elva - are you managing to export ifc4.3 from Revit? How are you managing that - i have been trying with no success. I really want to make use of the infra domains.

Hi Daniel Peel,
When exporting from Revit 2023 and above for example I am using <IFC4x3 [Experimental] Setup>

But in Revit when exporting it automatically assigns it to Building; but it is possible to use IfcSpatialElement; IfcFacility to assign it to IfcBridge, IfcRailway, IfcRoad as shown in image:

The IFC structure depends on what is needed as well, as and example of the exportation of those entities from Revit:

I hope that answered your question.
Elvinas Valancius

Many thanks @elva - i found the Ifc4.3 export but have the same problem - it always goes Project, Site, Building first. If you try to identify something as any other kind of IfcFacility it seems to just aggregate that IfcFacility into IfcBuilding. I will be interested to see if anyone has a solution.

@DanPeel - I’ve pinged @angel.velez to see if he can assist… but this is probably another situation where you should go through Autodesk/Revit Support channels to get an answer.

The IFC4.3 support in Revit is just as it says - it is a WIP. If you have specific needs (like, don’t give me a building) then we can prioritize those. In general, we are waiting for (1) confirmation that people are actually using it and (2) some sort of certification to do extra work in the area.

But to Jeff’s point - if you go through support it will be logged. If you skip support that’s fine, but I do have a very long summer holiday coming up so it might be a while before you see a response :slight_smile:

Log with support how exactly? Is there a particular forum or something for requesting additional features or pointing out potential issues with how things are implemented? Apologies for my ignorance - Im interested in creating better IFC models in the maritime sector - Im not very Revit competent. Many thanks

Try: Contact Customer Support | Autodesk Support. You could also post it on Revit’s forum: