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What IFcProduct subtype should be considered for Cranes (tower crane specifically)?

I am wondering, which Ifc entity should be used to model a crane. A crane is a collection of different parts (base,tower,top section are sub parts.each in turn consists of multiple components) .
I am not sure if goes under accessories or building element proxies? (or else)
Semantically which one is correct? I have scene both being used. Even in some cases being modelled as IfcBuilding.(Which I am pretty sure is wrong)

IfcTransportElement, potentially with predefined type set to CRANEWAY.

This website may help you with future similar queries:


Oh, Thanks Moult! This is great!

I agree with IfcTransportElement but i would avoid the use of CRANEWAY as a predefined type? The CRANEWAY is typically the rail system that certain types of industrial cranes move along (think of large ship to shore cranes moving alongside and unloading a ship), LIFTING GEAR or USER DEFINED would be more appropriate;

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