4.2 - Domain/ Extension/ Update etc

This question/ comment is more about how the 4.2 bridge release release fits into into the overall IFC 4.X story

Looking in from the outside it is a bit hard to understand if the documentation package describes the “full” IFC 4.2 release with all changes, or if this is “only” the Bridge changes/updates.

Anyways I think the introductory chapters should be kept up to date. E.g. bridge should be its own domain in figure 1 and chapter 7 (referencing the html documentation). If they are not kept up to date, the introductory chapters loose their value

Anyways - congrats and thanks to all the participants on the hard work on specifying the domain for Bridge. I will dive in to the details now :slight_smile:

Please keep in mind that the IFC4.2 documentation is a draft. Regarding the changes please see the Chage log.

About bridge being its own domain is definitely worth considering. Other feedback to IFC4.2 please post here: