new ifc 4X2/3 bridge file examples

Hello everybody

I am looking for new ifc 4X2/3 bridge file examples to test our reading Ifc tools.

I have yet tested with examples in

Thank you

@JeanGUAL Find some samples from the Planen Bauen 4.0. website Projektabschluss IFC-Bridge - IFCINFRA

@daviddelven: thanks but there are the files that I have yet tested (see the link on my post).

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Sorry… I just thought directly about the resources we also have.
For your interest, by buildingSMART Spain, we plan an event in May where the goal is to get Sample public files as Reference, both in IFC and IFC for building and infrastructure. We’ll make the corresponding announcement once those resources are available to everyone.

@ thanks, it is a good news.

Hi @JeanGUAL

There is a GitHub repo GitHub - jwouellette/TPF-5_372-Unit_Test_Suite: Test instruction and IFC file repository for the BIM for Bridges and Structures Transportation Pooled Fund project which is planned to contain such files. The repo and Wiki will give you more information. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me offline.

Right now, we don’t have any IFC files form vendors, mainly because they don’t have a final version of the AbRV base MVD which their exports are supposed to be based on. Once that is finished, I hope that files will start popping up in haste.

@jwouellette : thanks, I will check for new files in this repo.

What about this one?

It has been produced by ACCA for the MINnD project and uses most if not all the new concepts of the IFC4X3 schema (i.e. Spatial Structure, Alignments, Linear Placements, Sweeps along the Alignments, Referents, etc.).

We have also developed a new example which is compliant with the latest IFC4X3_ADD2 schema.

@michelangelo :Thank you very much for this big example. I am using the IFC 4.3_ADD2 version so it will be some problems. Of corse, I am interested by the latest version if it is yet available. But in the meantime I will test this file.

@JeanGUAL A pull request has been created on GitHub with the model updated to IFC4X3_ADD2 and it is now 100% compliant with bSI Validation Service.

You can already find and download it here: Update Viadotto Acerno to IFC4X3_ADD2 by michelangelo-acca · Pull Request #148 · buildingSMART/IFC4.x-IF · GitHub

We also have a different Bridge model but let’s see if you can import this first!

@ Michelangelo : thank you very much. I will be better for me.