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IFC implementers questionnaire

Hi all,

There have been many discussions about IFC and its future.
Currently buildingSMART International is coordinating a collaborative strategy for the future of IFC.
A vital part of this, is the expertise, experience and opinions from software implementers.
We would like to hear your opinion about some of the discussions that have been active in recent years.

Pease fill out this questionnaire:
Results will be presented at the next ISG Meeting in Helsinki, and on this forum.

This questionnaire contains bold statements. It is meant to gather opinions about the progression and future of IFC, certification and the organisation structure of buildingSMART.
In no way this questionnaire reflects already set opinions of future developments or strategy. We value the opinion of implementers and would like to know their views as input to the long term strategy.
Some questions are very specific and require deep knowledge about IFC. Feel fee to choose ‘no opinion’ any time you want.
You can fill out this form anonymously if you want, there is also an option to provide your name in the end but no obligation. Feel free to forward this e-mail to other developers. Our target group is people with knowledge and experience with implementing IFC.


Filled it in Léon! Good initiative. This questionnaire (like so many other things) is soooooooo technical. Ifc is for nurds? Try making it it ‘JIp and Janneke’ for a broader feedback and involvement

This one is for implementer feedback Hans. Users will get another questionnaire later on.

Thanks! I consider myself a user developer. There are no ‘paved roads’. Merely lack of implementation on vendor side.

Thank you very much for this opportunity to respond! I’ve just submitted a response.

The same of me.

Hey @berlotti - is it possible to post the (possibly anonymized) results of the questionnaire in the forum? Curious to see what the results/general themes were.

Much obliged! – Devon