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WeightCapacity in IfcTransportElement is a single value

IfcTransportElement is to be used to model cranes. It has a property set called

Pset_TransportElementCommon which has a property called CapacityWeight to set the lift capacity of the crane. The issue is that manufacturers provide a table of (Weight-radius)s for the crane not a single value.
A crane has different lift capacities at different position of its jib .
I am not sure if this is by design, but It would be nice if this can be addressed.
Till then, I assume , one has to define a custom property to address this(?)


It would be good to fix this. Perhaps a select can be used.

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When crane manufacturers sell cranes they classify them according to their maximum capacity - ie their capacity at minimum lift radius. Cranes do have different performance curves as the radius increases but as a starting point you could just specify the maximum capacity in CapacityWeight - this woudl give 90% of people all the information that they need. If necessary you could use the custom property approach to specify a particular capacity at a particular radius.

I propose, then, for CapacityWeight to change to MaximumCapacityWeight to make this convention more obvious, and then introducing a new property, perhaps called CapacityWeights or CapacityWeightTable for the various lift capacities.