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Usage of property "ConstructionMethod" in Pset ConcreteElementGeneral

Dear Forum,

in the documentation are two options for the ConstructionMethod described.
“In-Situ” and “Precast”
What about a mix of both. In Germany it is common to create precasted elements for slabs and walls with additional concrete layers.

Is this construction method described in an other propertie or maybe not considered?
How do you handle this situation?

Thank you for helpfull informations on this topic.

Interesting, the documentation says only two values are allowed even though it is an IfcLabel. Therefore you could theoretically put in whatever you want.

Perhaps this attribute could change to an enumeration, along with a greater consideration of an .OTHER. value or .COMPOSITE.?

Thank you Moult for your answer.
You’ re right, the description is not explicit and i would appreciate the extension to a wider selection of values.

Besides that i’m interested in how other users handle this information right now.
We have our own definied properties to differentiate between prefabricated elements, in-place concrete elements and the mixture of both…