Weather Station

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I would like to ask if there is any way to export weather information to an IFC file, like the one in the photo. Or if there is any foundation class that containing weather stations.

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Oscar Cardenas

I am not aware of a dedicated weather storage system, but you can associate documents to your IfcSite, such as EPW files, which is already a well established open data standard.

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I wonder if it would make sense to have a standard property set, assigned to IfcSite, that translated and stored the EPW info. Some info can be stored in the existing Psets, but I don’t know of the domain experts have looked at this closely enough.

Would be interesting to know if this would be of value to the Building Energy Modeling / Building Performance Modeling domain experts.

As part of the ports and waterways project we identified various weather data which would have been assigned to elements of the spatial hierarchy as a property set - part of a use case to capture the initial state of a site. This never made it into the candidate standard though just as a result of time constraints. I do hope that this will make it into a future extension.

2 points in relation to this:

looking at the data example provided a possible solution already exists in the form of:

Currently related to IfcBuilding but could easily be upgraded to IfcFacility for full utilisation in Infrastructure, only issue is this only stores a single values per property not 12 monthly values like your example (suggestion would be to convert each data point property to a IfcPropertyListValue or IfcPropertyTableValue).

during the Ports & waterways project we investigated how to encode wind and wave roses into the dataset as these are vital to domain use cases, and we had success in efficiently encoding it, but did not include it in the standard as further work on it is required (a possible work task of Ifc Maritime the 2.0 project of ports and waterways).

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Seems to be the only option.

In IFC 4 there is an entity IfcUnitaryControlElementTypeEnum = WEATHERSTATION to identify the weather station as such, and a Pset_OutsideDesignCriteria that can be applied to IfcBuilding.