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Importing specific Psets from others



I am trying to think of a workaround with our building energy simulation expert and was wondering if it is possible to embed certain information into my model. Here is an explanation what I mean by that:

In my model I have IfcSpace with its GUID and some defined Pset_SpaceCommon. I export my model for the Energy simulation. On the other side my partner adds other values to this specific IfcSpace in the Pset_ThermalDesign. He exports it with the same GUID as received, but now with more information in the Psets. Afterwards, I can either import those new Psets into my model (BIM Authoring tool) or embed them straight into a CDE.

Is such a workaround possible?

The reason why I am asking this, is because in our daily workarounds there are consultants which not necessarily have to deliver a model but deliver specific information about the components. Such are for ex. Fire Safety planning, where we get information of which doors, windows or walls are fire safety and which value do they have.


Apologies if I misunderstand - this sounds like a question of how to implement it, not whether it is possible? It certainly sounds possible: the hypothetical software will import an IFC, check matching GUIDs, and merge Psets.

Are you asking for a script that does this? I suspect it would be relatively trivial with IfcOpenShell.

I think this also goes back to my question about including and instancing another IFC file:

You can vote for that issue - I think it’s the way forward.


Well, for me it was first of all the question if the IFC Schema does allow such a process. Depending on the MVD (design or reference), the other party could/should be able to edit a component.

If you say that the Schema allows such workflows, then I am happy to hear :wink:

So my next step is to figure it out how softwares handle this case.


It’s certainly possible.

You might find this bespoke prototype workflow an interesting insight into a similar workflow.

If you’ve any questions, get in touch.




Personally, even though it is possible, I would propose that we still push for the ability to include / reference an external IFC file. The problem with your approach is (although it does work):

  1. If you merge content, 1 IFC file becomes larger and more unwieldy
  2. Merging is a pain! What about managing conflicts during merging? This is just like version control.
  3. Matching GUIDs is also a pain. What if an object gets deleted and a new object gets added? It’s better for the master IFC (i.e. controlled mostly by the architect, in most proejcts) chooses to reference to consultant info IFC whenever it needs to.
  4. Do we allow overrides? What if there is option A vs option B? This is a great case for an override. Imagine building.ifc + option-a.ifc vs building.ifc + option-b.ifc.
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Thank you, guys for your input.

The method described by @jonm onm works fine as described in the tutorial. Still this is a two-step process where you work with alphanumerical values in a spreadsheet and an actual model. All the data in the model must be exported in the spreadsheet and combined with other data delivered by others.

I was thinking more of a process integrated directly in the BIM authoring tool. Not every country requests Spreadsheet for asset management. So the principle is, that you receive the model full of information and you link that information directly to your model. And here I agree also with @Moult where more control of this imported information would be necessary. Which Psets are going to be overwritten, are the correct ones, etc. The GUID subject here is not to be underestimated…

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