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Adding Pset to IfcBuilding/IfcSite/IfcProject

Hello everybody,
I would like to know if any of you have ever tried/experienced the addition of custom PropertySets to one of these:

  • IfcBuilding
  • IfcSite
  • IfcProject



I have come across PSet’s relating to both IfcSite and IfcBuilding on occasion (not vastly experienced with many IFC examples from customers yet personally). I have never come acorss a Pset relating to IfcProject iirc. However the IFC4 standard does allow it through the inheritence of IfcObject for both IfcSite and IfcBuilding, and inheritence of IfcContext in the case of IfcProject.

Workflows and software I am currently developing will potentially attach this Pset information to IfcBuilding and IfcSite. I don’t know what other programs would capitalise on it though I’m afraid.

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@RobertoRedaelli yes, I, and many others, have added custom psets to spatial elements (though personally not to IfcProject). This is actually a requirement for geolocation under IFC2X3 (see example), so it should be a common task.

The BlenderBIM Add-on will allow you to read IFC data with these PSets, modify them, and also generate custom property set definition templates. You can see an example which have been assigned to IfcSite here. Other software, like FreeCAD and XBim will also work with these psets with no problem.

We have also accomplished an export of these psets using software like Revit, but it is much more complex to do so and requires many workarounds.

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Hi Cordell, thanks a lot for your answer.
I do agree with you about what the standard allows it is also clear that not so many software let users to create and/or edit Pset for those entities.
Do you have an example to share (if possible) for IfcBuilding case?
Thanks for your attention.

Hi Moult, thanks a lot for your answer, the links and the examples!