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Unit of pset/qset values out of scope for Reference View, why?

We posted this thread on b-Cert:
But we should rather take the case here.

As I see it, if it should be up to software to present whatever unit it sees fit, regardless of what unit is set in the ifc file, then why use units at all in Reference View ifc files? Then we might as well just say that all RV files must be in default SI units.

The problem is that when we export a cable with a cross sectional area of 1.5 mm², and the file’s area unit is m², then the value becomes 0.0000015 m². This shows as 0 m² in most software, including Solibri.

One of the points with RV is that viewers should be able to present the contents without too much specific expertise into each discipline. Is it really meant that each software has to know about all attributes of all psets/qset in order to present them with reasonable units?